Terps Suffer Devastating Loss to Middle Tennessee State 32-31 On a Last Second Field Goal

Some observations on a crushing Defeat

Torrey Smith is playing his way to the next level. Today he had 5 receptions for 165 yds and 2 TDs and 287 all purpose yards.

Chris Turner was 19-30 for 288 yds and 2 TDs–again playing well

2 fumbles in the 1st quarter led to 2 TDs and was really the reason the Terps lost

4th and 3 with 1 minute left. Here’s my take. If you kick the FG and its good, you are only up by 5 and a TD could lose the game. If you miss the FG which we did, MTS was in perfect position to drive for a winning FG. If you go for it and make it the game is over –no doubt. we were averaging 5 yds a rush. However this is an easy 2nd guess.

Tony Logan looked pretty good on his 17 yard punt return

Watching the game on ESPN 360 really stinks. First of all there must have been a 3 minute delay which made me have to listen to the ESPN announcing crew that was rooting so hard for an upset. The picture was herky jerky. But at least I could watch it.

At this point of the season it is impossible to guess what will happen next. It does seem like the loss to Cal might have been to a team capable of winning the NCAA Championship. Certainly it won’t be USC.

It was interesting to see FSU annihilate BYU as well as the Hokies pull a miracle to beat Nebraska.

Next week becomes gut check time for the Terps against Rutgers.

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  1. freddy from boca

    Here’s the reality. This is not a very good football team. They could easily and should be 0-3 and have been out-coached, out-played and out-hustled every game. They barely got by Dolly Madison, a game which is suppose to be automatic win and yesterday let Middle Tenn. State, another supposedly easy win, go right down the field (73 yards) without a timeout to win the game. The teams performance is unacceptable from the coaching on down. So few bright spots. One thing I will say. Torrey Smith is a better football player than Darius Heyward-Bey right now and will only get better. I feel sorry for Scott because the kid is a really good running back but needs to focus on holding on to the ball. I predict he’ll bounce back and play great. But this team is lousy. On radio after the game Ralph said he thought overall the defense played well. I could only think he said that to give Don Brown and his side of the ball a little confidence because the defense isn’t good. It’s not like we played Florida or Penn State. They gave up over 300 yards passing to a school which 95% of Maryland fans and 60% of Mid Tenn. fans couldn’t tell you what conference they’re in. Mid Tenn. St. and Dolly Madison are two schools who shouldn’t be on the schedule in the first place and the Terps barely get a split. Next week’s game vs. Rutgers is on….espn 360. Always good for recruiting when you can tell kids…hey your family and friends can watch you on the computer where the picture freezes up, gets distorted and is a half hour behind the actual play. My first games watching Maryland in person the team was coached by Roy Lester. Lately the play isn’t much different from almost 40 years ago and that’s sad.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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