“If we keep playing like this, we’re not going to win a game the rest of the year,” Chris Turner

Rutgers 31 Maryland 13 says it all. Some observations ona dismal afternoon:

4th and 3 from midfield and we go for it? Rutgers presented the most pathetic offense I have seen for a Terp opponent. Pin them back and maybe a good punt return or turnover  or anything positive could happen.

The 2 way after the whistle unsportsmanlike conduct calls were killers. Why? Where is any discipline?

What would the score had been if Savage (QB1 for Rutgers) played?

Torrie Smith has 232 all purpose yards—wow.

I saw Patrick Fisher in the Press Box and he reports that Brian Phipps (lacrosse goalie) and Brian Farrell both appear to be over their injuries.

Scott McBrien challenged all Maryland fans to repond to the disasterous game by selling out Byrd next week and rallying behind the Terps.

The game seemed like it took 5 hours to play. I never remember a Maryland team that committed so many mistakes. Even in the games that FSU and PennState blew us out the mistakes weren’t as bad.

Both QBs underthrew almost every long pass. Don’t think the wet heavy ball wasn’t the cause.

Certainly this was Chris Turner’s worst game as a Terp. Funnyy that perhaps his finest hour was Maryland’s upset victory at Rutgers.  DaRel Scott has vanished as an effective runner. Fumbleitis is the symptom. Adrian Cannon was barely looked at. Turner kept throwing to his rightt all night. Was it me or were the plays fairly predictable.

I am drained, subject closed for tonight.

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  1. freddy from boca

    out-coached, out-played for 4 games in a row. you don’t have to have a talented team to be a discipline team.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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