Riley Skinner Torches the Terps With 4 TD Passes as Wake Wins 42-32

The score was not indicative of the onesidedness of the game. That being said Chris Turner had a decent game tossing 3 TDs of his own. Some observations:

Caleb Porzel burned his redshirt as expected but was ineffective in 3 rushing attempts. Have no fear this kid will be great.

The return of Bruce Campbell to the lineup is crucial to this team. There is just no running game or pass protection without him.

Ralph had this to say post game:”We obviously played poorly in the first half and they (Wake Forest) played really well. You have to give it to our kids. They hung in there and kept fighting. If we had scored that touchdown with eight minutes to go, who knows what would have happened. We blew a lot of coverages in the first half and didn’t get a whole lot going offensively. Other than the long kick return, I wasn’t real pleased with our special teams. We then played better in the second half but it was too little too late.”

Wake gained over 500 yds despite playing close to the vest in the 2nd half.

The Terps are now 2-4 and 1-1 in the conference.

Our next 2 opponents Dke and UVA were both easy winners today—Duke by 21 over NC State and UVA 47-7 over IU.

Alex Wujciak led the team again with 11 tackles.

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  1. freddy from boca

    The game, for lack of a better term, showed us a couple of things. 1) The experts before the season were dead-on. Maryland is a bad football team. 2). We can now see why Maryland is on the computer, not t.v. As a matter of fact they will be on tape delay on the computer for their next game and you can watch that game at 4 a.m. 3) Torrey Smith reminds me of Walt Williams…he’s the only guy playing on offense. What type of second half would Turner have had if Wake played with even a little intensity? Maryland’s offense was so bad in the first half had Wake taken their defense off the field it would still have taken Maryland 4 plays to score. Once again Maryland’s confusing defense confused themselves rather than the opposition. Great idea playing Porzel. Will someone please tell Ralph if no one blocks even Gale Sayers and Jimmy Brown in their prime are going to have trouble gaining yards. Porzel looked like a Junior High kid playing with his older brothers. Ralph, you’re gonna get him killed unless you find some guys who can block. It actually looks like Maryland uses life size cardboard cut-outs of offensive lineman. Hopefully next week the tv/computer people will show a replay of the second half of the Miami-Maryland game when we came back from 31-0 to win. Hey Ferrara kicked a 50 yd. field goal! To the Maryland fans who went to the game..Hope the food was good.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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