Ralph Backs Off Criticism of Turner

On Sunday night, Coach Friedgen insinuated that we would see much more of JaMarr Robinson and Danny O’Brien. Well at his press conference yesterday, Coach retreated from his criticism of Harpo. “I think Chris misconstrued some of things I said on Sunday night….I don’t know if that’s the case. And I am going to sit down and talk with him.
“I thought he practiced fine last night. You know, I think there were some throws Chris could have made, but there were some throws he made that were really crucial but we didn’t catch them that could have changed the game. So when he still had to have them he had them, and they were tougher throws than the ones he missed. So I didn’t….sometimes guys got to make playa for guys, too. It goes both ways.
“I am not down on Chris at all. I think he is one of our leaders, one of our captains, and I think he has made a tremendous contribution to this football program the time he has been here.
“When I answered that question it was more in reference to if we don’t continue to do well then obviously I got to look…..it wasn’t any disrespect towards Chris.”

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  1. freddy from boca

    of course ralph is backs off. how can you be critical of your qb when the line is terrible, the play calling is poor and if robinson doesn’t play well when/if he is given an opportunity you have to go back to turner. bottom line turner is a senior, the team is young and going nowhere, we have no one with any experience behind turner so it makes sense to play people who could be the qb next year. ralph is the coach. he doesn’t have to explain to a player what he is thinking. the player is there to do whatever the coaching staff asks of them to help the team in whatever way.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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