Mosley, Padgett Simply Awesome At Basketball Scrimmage Today

It was an impressive scrimmage where the pace and quality of play was all out for 40 minutes. Some observations.

Sean Mosley’s floor game was sensational as he finished with 21 points and 10 assists. Sean had many fast break passes that were perfect and led to snowbird layups.

When I first saw James Padgett dominate the Towson Under Armour game with his inside moves , I could not get too excited because of the level of competition. But yeaterday his movement without the ball was special. His inside moves are shocking for someone so young.WOW!!!

Greivis benefitted from the bigger inside presence as he was able to lnad several wide open shots without having 2 men draped on him like last year.

Jordan Williams is flat out big and wide. Gary will turn him into a star in a matter of time.. Let’s be patient with Mr Connecticut.

Dino Gregory is much improved over last year. He ran the court extremely well today , hit a few jumpers and more then held his own on the boards.

Eric Hayes looked rusty, which is to be expected since he has been not playing at all recently because of the turf toe problem. ¬†As the game heated up, Eric’s play semed to improve rapidly.

Sreve Goins was a pleasant surprise looking vastly better then last year. toward the end of the scrimmage , Steve went down with some knee problems but later word had him doing fine.

Adrian Bowie ran the team well, led many fastbreaks, and nailed a few jumpers.

Landon was his usual high energy self and just seemed to be a fine inside/outside presence.

Gary is repeating this scrimmage next Saturday, I encourage everyone to go watch. It is a great way to take a bunch of kids as it is no charge.

Maryland Basketball
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  1. nmprisons

    Very exciting post . . . I wish there was more information about there about the scrimmage. What is your sense about Cliff Tucker? He seems to be the odd man out on a lot of peoples lists for this season, but he has shown tremendous ability.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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