Without Bias —A Masterpiece

Without Bias

3 Events in my lifetime have had a profound effect on me

—November 22, 1963  I was walking home from Pimlico Junior High when folks started shouting from their porches that JFK was dead.

—In 1983, on a rainy night in Baltimore, I was driving home from work when I heard the Mayflower vans were moving the Colts out of Baltimore.

—June 19, 1986 was the day when my heart was broken. Everyone knows my devotion to the Terrapin Basketball team, But back then the joy that watching Len Bias gave me was and still is unmatched. 2002 was awesome but Lenny was the 2nd athlete I was ever in awe of–First of course was #19. When I heard on the radio that Lenny was dead, I was frozen in my tracks. I called my wife in tears and could not even get the words out. When Len was drafted by the Celtics, I can always remember Larry Bird saying he was going to rookie camp. Everyone was ready to dump the Bullets and become Celtic fans.

— So last night I was a masterpiece called Without Bias and the emotions returned and the tears cameback.

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