No It Wasn’t Close—Hokies 36 Terps 9—Terrapins Drop to 2-8

I guess I can find something very positive out of this game. Jamarr Robinson was impressive for a guy starting his first game. Watching Georgia Tech and the triple option ┬ároll over the ACC, I am left to ponder a triple option offense with Jamarr, Da’Rel, Caleb, Davin, etc. Some observations of a long day at Byrd.

Perhaps the one sidedness of the victory made it seem like there were tons of Hokies at Byrd today.

Remember this was Jamarr’s first start today. Ralph stated in the post game game press conference that Jamarr needs to spot his open receivers quicker and be able to go 2nd and 3rd options.

What an incredible day of sports at College park today, that ends tomorrow with 2 games with huge NCAA implications.

When the score was 7-0, Jamarr threw a 40 yard pass to Torrey that just went of his fingertips. Again Torrey Smith has his QB’s back , praising his efforts despite the rout.

There is just not much to say today!!!

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  1. Hokie Guru

    Hokies had 15-20 thousand fans at Byrd… so it’s not really like “the one sidedness of the victory made it seem like there were tons of Hokies at Byrd today.” Fact is, Hokies are the only school that sold it’s allotment this year and contributed to Byrd Stadium’s only sell out. (,0,4847668.story).

    That was a much different reality than what was put out earlier this year by the University of Maryland Athletic Department (

    In addition, Hokie fans bought the single tickets that went on sale in August, bought tickets from brokers, and from fans on Craigslist… I think we easily had 40 to 60% of Byrd yesterday.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

    • Bruce

      20,000? I doubt it.

      Reply ·   11/12/2019

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