Observations From My Trip To IU and Assembly Hall

Coach Williams varied evrything last night—he barely used the full court press, went with a 4 guard offense to change the tempo of the game, used an old fashioned 1-2-2 zone that really confused Indiana, and used Jin Soo extensively off the bench in lieu of Cliff Tucker and Steve Goins.

What did Coach Crean mean when he said he was upset because it was a winnable game?

In the last 7 minutes the Terps ran the flex to perfection.

I watched the replay today and Bill rafferty was as impressed as I am onthe play of Sean Mosley. He does so many little things!!!!

I was shocked by the crowd’s reaction to Greivis. Chants of USA and tehn the vulgar attack on Vasquez at the end of the game infuriated IU’s coach.

Harbaugh stated that he was clearly rooting for his brother-in-law just this 1 time against the Terps.

ACC was down 3-0 before the Terps turned this game around.

Flag ceremony ws awesome in the 2nd half.

Big head signs to distract Terps –did not work and were clearly annoying.

Jordan Williams set some great picks, rebounded well, but is having a trouble finishing—-Speed of the Game!

Landon is becoming a bigger offensive force as the season goes by.

When Eric Hayes hits 3s the Terps win.

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