Villanova Withstands Maryland Comeback 95-86—Post Game Audio

Some observations of a Big TIme Game in Downtown DC:

Sean Mosley was beyond incredible tonight, unleashing an outside shooting performance for the Terps that rivals any in memory. sean was 11-14 from the field with 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block and 2 steals. Mr Baltimore is the real deal!!!!

Jordan Williams scored 19 points and had 12 rebounds against one of the best teams in College basketball. He is rapidly learning the college game. Remember this was only his 8th game and his first game on a huge stage!!!!

Gary and Jay Wright inferred after the game that Maryland actually went to a zone to slow down the 3 point barrage. Scottie Reynolds admitted the Wildcats were somewhat confused by the zone. The more the Terps play the 1-2-2 the better they get  at it.

The return of Dino Gregory Saturday night will take a ton of pressure off of both Landon and Jordan. I am curious to see if Gary eventually has a starting lineup of Jordan, Landon, Dino—up front with Mosley and Greivis in the backcourt  and using Eric as the 6th man in a 3 guard rotation.

Tonight Greivis battled foul trouble and long periods on the bench probably contributed to an off shooting night. He still finished with 12 points and 7 assists  most of which were in crunch time.

This game had all the feelings of a NCAA tourney game. Scottie Reynolds wwas the night’s MVP although if I had a vote it would have gone to Mosley.

audio from Gary Gary after Villanova

audio from Jay Wright & Scottie Reynolds Jay Wright

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  1. freddy from boca

    First give credit to Villanova. They are a very talented, athletic, unselfish team. Maryland played well in the second half but just couldn’t get over the hump. Which reminds me of “Young Frankenstein. “Hump, what hump”? Nova shot the 3 last night, particularly in the first half, as well as any NBA team could shoot, let alone college. Maryland had too many turnovers and got crushed on the offensive boards. Mosley played brilliantly, Hayes played well and Jordan Williams was terrific in only his 8th game. I was hoping Gary would play Padgett with Williams to help us out on the boards but that didn’t happen. Milbourne was taken out of the game by Pena and Vasquez played a very poor game. 3 offensive fouls, numerous turnovers and forced shots. Tucker looked good in the first half and was lousy in the second half. Bowie has no idea what’s going on and should stay on the bench. It’s actually amazing Maryland was this close with Milboune and Vasquez playing so poorly. I’d like to see Dino start with Williams and Milbourne upfront moving Mosley to guard and Hayes as the 6th man. That said if Vasquez continues to underperform we’re in trouble unless Gary yanks him out of the line-up and puts Hayes at the point. Up to this point in the season Vasquez’s game has gone backwards from last year.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Ryan

    I have the reason we were so close despite Milbourne taken out of the game, and GV playing, like GV.
    Mosley and Williams is the answer.
    Mosley is emerging as a top 25 player in the Nation, and Williams is playing better.

    Mosley is better than Vasquez, and Nova couldn’t stop BOTH Milbourne and Williams.

    I still say, if Vasquez hits either of those wide open 3’s when it was 61-58, that MD wins that game. In years past, Blake, Dixon, Gilchrest, Nicklaus, Jones, etc. would have hit that shot and MD would have capped the comeback. Instead, Nova never lost the lead and didn’t implode.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. freddy from boca


    No question, if Vasquez hits the 3 and we tie it the roof explodes off the building and we could have easily gone on to win. I know Vasquez had a open look but he’s shooting so badly, particularly from the outside, I wish he had taken the ball to the basket or wait for Mosley or Hayes and hit one of them for an open 3. His poor play is killing Maryland. He hasn’t run the half court very well and his decisions on the break have been questionable a good deal of the time. In Maui and last night we played better when he was on the bench

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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