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The Ravens played Brady, Manning, #4, and all had good games against the purple but the best QB I have seen this year is San Diego’s Phil Rivers. Yet he never gets mentioned for anything.

Xavier Cincy game was a classic tonight.  This was a war won by Xavier in Double OT.

I have been reading lately about the failure of Jacksonville to support the Jags. Can you imagine the Colts game this Thursday night is not near a sellout. Look for this team to move to LA or possibly London. What’s even more incredible is that Jacksonville was selected over Baltimore in expansion.

Skimmed through Busted over the weekend. Fascinating story about Art Schlichter, the #1  pick of the Colts who was an addictive racetrack bettor.  Former linebacker Barry Krauss once told me a story of how Art had a particularly bad practice one day for the Colts, and told commented to Krauss “I killed a lot of worms today” Barry does color commentary for Alabama.

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  1. freddy from boca

    There is no way an NFL team is going to London. First most players and front office people won’t want to live in London. Secondly teams from the West Cost or the Mid West will be totally against flying 8-10 hours to London. And just think what a disadvantage a team in London would have travelling to the States. There’s a better chance a team goes to New London, Ct. than London, England. If a team moves they would probably go to L.A. which I’m not convinced wants or would support a team or San Antonio. Despite the gambling, Las Vegas could be in the mix. Let’s face it, gambling is everywhere.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Ryan

    Oh, and yes I did watch the game until it was cut out, and as EKU kept inching closer every time MD looked like they were going to seperate, EKU had 3 players hitting 3’s.
    Vasquez, was 0-5 from 3 every time he tried to respond. Again, that game could EASILY have turned out differently. GV ended up hitting 2 threes late to finish 2-7, which is a terrible percentage.
    It wouldn’t be bad for some, because they don’t do that every game. Take Hayes for example. But GV does that EVERY GAME!
    He just flat out can’t shoot. He has HORRIBLE mechanics, and makes terrible decisions when to shoot sometimes.
    The Villanova game for instance. We get it to 61-58 after how hot they were in the 1st half. GV dribbles down and launches a disgusting clanking 3 pointer with 17 seconds on the shot clock. Then we get another stop, he throws the ball away on the baseline. Then we get ANOTHER stop, and he picks up a charge, as 2 defenders were back on D and he just spazzed out again.
    If we Tie that game at 61, I can’t prove it without a time machine, but, I swear we would have won that game.
    GV sucks. He is plays bad WAY more than he plays good. That was the wrap when he was a SOPH, and last year was an enigma, cuz he was actually sort of consistent.
    He NEVER shoots over 50% from the field, which for your supposed star player, is why we pulled away late against EKU and IU, and why it took a half to get leads against Chaminade and New Hampshire.
    The ONLY people that stick behind GV are just the few in this area. The rest of the nation see how over-rated he is. ESPN has been pointing it out more. And once ACC play starts, and there are more national games, it’ll really start to show. I bet he doesn’t even get drafted. Maybe late in the 2nd on a flier.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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