Quotes From Gary Post Game

“I thought that Duke did a good job of finishing off the second shots; those really hurt us when we were making little runs there. At the start of the game we didn’t come out tough enough to run our offense, took some bad shots, which was a combination of Duke playing good defense and our not being able to run our offense. We weren’t really in sync and you cannot do that here. You have to be really ready to play and everything has to go your way and things like that and we didn’t play well enough. Basically that was the game. In the second half we were more competitive, I thought we played harder. We made a run there that was nice, but it just wasn’t there. If you look at the course of 40 minutes we didn’t do the things necessary to win the game either offensively or defensively, especially giving them the second shots that they had.”

On his team getting frustrated in the second half:
“There’s no frustration allowed. What’s frustrating about playing a college game on national television against the eighth ranked team in the country? If you’re frustrated, grow up, that’s life. They’re going to be frustrated by guys yelling at them when they get a job. Frustration comes from, if you’re really playing well then you get a few bad calls, that’s frustration. Frustration isn’t not running your offense well or screening out, that’s not playing well.”

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  1. freddy from boca

    in other words..we got our butt kicked

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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