Eric Hayes—The Quiet Assassin

I have interviewed #5 after great games and after brutal losses and there is one thing that remains costant. Eric never gets ruffled. He has been the perfect ying to Greivis’ yang. One thing is for sure, when Eric nails a three pointer Comcast erupts and on the road –the team erupts. ¬†Gary was asked about Eric today at the press conference:
“To me it’s very obvious we play better with Eric on the court. It’s not a statistical thing a lot of times it’s just the way the team functions. Eric’s a very savvy defensive player. He might not be a spectacular defensive player but he’s very savvy; he knows when to help, when to stay tight on his man, how to disrupt passing lanes. All those things Eric knows how to do and he really helps us be a good defensive team. Running the offense he’s a threat and you have to play Eric. Anytime you have a threat that helps Greivis [Vasquez], Jordan [Williams], and Landon [Milbourne], all your scorers. Hopefully we can continue to play that way.”

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