Greivis, Eric, and Jordan Williams Come Up Huge Down the Stretch as the Terrapins Are Now Tied With Duke for the Regular Season ACC Title—Audio From Greivis, and Eric—Must Listen

For the past 72 hours, I have been on pins and needles awaiting this game.  There are only so many events like this in one’s lifetime and no I am not exagerating. Anyone at Comcast, and everyone watching what I was told incredible ESPN coverage will never forget this game. Tonight was the perfect sorm for the Terps. Hated Duke was in town, it was the Seniors’ last game at Comcast, and above all 1st Place in the ACC was on the line.

Senor Greivis would never let us down. What a truely inspiring performance. Let all the naysayers crawl back into their shell because folks we have witnessed one of the greatest players ever to don Maryland duds. If you don’y believe me, just ask gary williams, Juan, Dixon, Scot Van Pelt, Stevie Francis. Every major local journalist was in the house. Fifteen NBA scouts were there to watch Greivis, Scheyer and others. But tonight Greivis proved why he is a serious candidate for National Player of the Year. Look Scheyer is super but he is not Greivis. Scheyer is surrounded by Singler and Nolan Smith — 2 guys who averaged over 30 points together. When it was down to crunch time, greivis nailed his shots and Scheyer didn’t. ACC POY is history—hands down Greivis. Now listen to one of the most gracious pleasurable kids with Greivis post game comments: Greivis Senior night

Eric Hayes again at home turned in an excellent performance. 6-8 from the field13 points and 5 rebounds. Senior guards—is there anything better!!!! Eric talked after the game:Eric Senior Night

Cliff Tucker provided a tremendous spark in the 1st half but it was Adrian Bowie who might have saved the day. He nailed 3 buckets in the 2nd half when the Terps were in a bit of a scoring funk.

It was a who’s who at the game tonight. leading the celebs were recruits Pe’Shon Howard (a very happy 2010 Terrapin signed recruit from Oak Hill Academy, jay Bilas, Erin Andrews, Tony Kornheiser (left at halftime), Michael Wilbon, Steve Bishotti, Bruce Laird, the Hawk–Haukur Palsson a 2010 recruit who is deciding between Maryland and South Florida, Stu Vetter (Montrose Christian Coach), Juan Dixon, and many more.

The Terps exploded out of the gate leading 33-19 after a 3 pointer from Sean Mosley with 6 minutes left in the 1st half but Duke eventually closed to a 2 point deficit at halftime. It is tough to put this Duke team to sleep–too many shooters, too many weapons.

Jordan Williams finished with 15 points, the most important of which was a put back to give the Terps the lead for good at 71-69. Key stat –Jordan was 7-9 from the free throw line. Senior Landon Milbourne was plaqued with foul trouble. Moving on we definitely need Landon back in his scoring zone.

The Terrapins have captivated the state. Maybe i see this more because of the show, but I have rarely felt the emotion that cut the air at Comcast tonight. It was clearly evident on TV as I just watched the first 10 minutes on replay. I gotta  feeling that you might want to grab those few remaining season tickets because let’s face it the Terps are on fire.

Remember the genesis of this team began last year. Somewhere in Ireland tonight Dave Neal has the biggest smile a human can have.

Here are some of the many pics from the game: Steve Bishotti, Bob “Turtle Smith” Smith  (just renamed Baseball field in his honor), Pe’Shon Howard, Landon Milbourne

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