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It’s funny that last night on Terp Talk, I stated that I could not believe that the Hawk didn’t commit on Wednesday night. now reports that indeed he did but he just wanted to allow his Coach and high school the honor of hearing  it from him. Sounds like Gary’s kind of guy.

Replacing our incredible Senior guards was a formidable task but here’s the potential array of guys next year.

Returning—Sean Mosley, Cliff Tucker and Adrian Bowie

Arriving—Terell Stoglin, Mychal Parker, Pe’Shon Howard, and now Haukur Palsson

The competition will be fantastic and remember Gary has no qualms about going with 4 guard lineups. Throw in our 3 bigs —Dino, Jordan and James Padgett and this is the nucleus of an excellent team.

Maryland Basketball
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  1. Ryan

    I think this is a talented class coming in. I hope this guy is D1 and ACC caliber.
    Maryland always has been a pesky team, because of their coach.
    I a worried about a couple of things. First, MD has not been back into that top 5 range because they have been small, and have not been able to rebound consitently. When there was Wilcox, Baxter, Holden, and Mouton, those guys took care of business.
    Milbourne has had to play the 4 a lot in his 4 years, and give up 3,4, and 5 inches because of it. It has showed at times, with blocked shots, and offensive putbacks at bad times.
    Pankey, from what I hear, is very much unproven on the offensive side of the ball.
    We also forget that Hayes and Vasquez are HUGE gaurds at 6’5 and 6’6.
    Howard and Stoglin are 6’0 ish.
    I am worried that we are going to be very small.
    It would be nice if Steve Goins woke up as a Junior. God knows we could use that 6’11.
    J-Will is going to be one of the best PF in NCAA, and the good thing is, he is a 4 year player.
    I hope I am wrong, but I just wish Gary could grab that 1 player that we always seem to be short. Just 1 more stud to put us over the top again. Like Wilcox was.
    Its a shame CJ Leslie, or anyone, wasn’t there on Wednesday to see what its all about to play at Comcast and be a Terp. Terp 4 LyFE!

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    i’m pretty sure goins has left maryland and i’m pretty sure mouton was not or even ever considered a big man. maybe a guy like ryan” sleepy” randle was a big man but not mouton. news flash. maryland is 23-7 and 13-3 in conference this year and gary williams will probably be named acc coach of the year. i think gary knows what he is doing. in all fairness not every recruit makes it and we’ll certainley know more about the iceman in a year or two but i would think gary has shown he knows what it takes to be a successful coach.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Ryan

    I am not dogging MD. And yes they are 23-7 and 13-3. But, they are still not in the league of the big 3, Kentucky, Kansas, and Cuse.
    I want that NCAA Title. Am I happy they are winning? Ofcourse. I just don’t want to settle there.
    Ofcourse Gary knows more than I do. And he talked several times this season about being small and having to work for it.
    Mouton, yes, was only 6’6, but he played big. He was tough, and known as a scrappy rebounder, much like Dennis Rodman.
    Milbourne is on a whole different level offensively than Mouton was. But to beat the best of the best, on a nuetral court or away from home, you have got to be big.
    All I am saying is I hope we are not too small.
    Steve Goins is still there.
    I am actually going to look at him the same way I would a JUCO transfer. Like he is just getting here for his final 2 years.
    They need that big body. Apparantly, the injury and weight problems that have kept him sidelined for all but maybe 20 minutes in his 2 years, are coming to an end. He is back in solid shape, and the ankle is healing and nearly 100%.
    We can hope, right?

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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