Why are we even talking about Greivis vs Scheyer for Player of the Year? testudotimes.com today laid out out all of the stats. It is so one sided in Greivis’ favor that denying him the award would be a great travesty. In anyone’s eyes Greivis is Player of the Year, Most Valuable Player, Most Important Player to his team, Best Clutch Player, etc. Why is there equal billing—- because Dookie V says so?

Why is there discussion about who the ACC coach of the year is?  Does anyone think that Duke and Maryland really have equal talent. What Gary forgot about utilization of talent, Coach K will never know. Let the praisers of Coach K be damned, giving him the Coach of the Year Award would be robbing a much more deserved Gary Williams.

Why is Maryland barely even been talked about as anything higher then a 4 seed? Why is the fact that Duke is a technical 1 seed in the tourney being treated like they actually won the Championship on a technicality?  Remember this is the same Duke team that got annihilated by NC State.

Why did Maryland never get ranked in the top 25 until the pollsters had no choice.? Why would anyone not understand why Terrapin fans have a chip on their shoulders?

Why have 42 of the 57 ACC Players of the Year been from a Carolina school?

Why is there barely a mention of Jordan Williams as Rookie of the Year? Has Derrick Favors had a bigger impact on his team then Jordan?

Why is it that all we seem to be hearing about is the hostility of the Maryland crowds? Why don’t we ever hear about the abuse Greivis has been subjected to on the road in the ACC?  Yes and that includes the verbal intimidations from the Cameron Crazies, and USA chants from many arenas.

I have no answers but this is a big week where I hope justice will be served in the ACC!!!!!!

Maryland Basketball
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