I’m A Believer—Are You?

Before the Terps clinched the Regular Season ACC Title last Saturday, when I was asked about the major Terp successes in the past decade, the response was easy—The Title in 2002 and yes the  2004 ACC Championship.  When I think about past successes the ACC Title —-Bias and Company won comes to mind. No it isn’t like winning the NCAA but it’s damn good. I was at Greensboro in 04 when John Gilchrist had what would be his last hurrah as a Terp. But what a run it was. I still vividly remember Gilchrist with the State flag draped over his shoulders.When asked what was the touighest Terp loss ever most fans respond with the 74 ACC Title game against NC State—not the Duke loss in the final four when Steve Blake got the only 2 palming violations in the history of his career. Check out this highlight video of the 74 Game–

This year as we enter the ACC tourney, I Gotta good feeling. Despite Greivis and Gary winning the awards the Terrapins are still unbelievably under the radar. Joe Lunardi dropped the Terps to a 6 seed and I do not hear anyone from ESPN really singing our praises. But the Terps have the”Man” down the wire and we all know that is Greivis. Toss in a few daggers from Eric and hopefully Landon finds his shot and guess what –it could be quite a weekend. But first let’s take care of Georgia Tech should they get by Carolina. No this isn’t a neutral court but normally it’s not too bad. However should Carolina win Thursday –all neutrality goes out the window. There will be 50% Tar Heel fans in the house. But we have #21 and that’s a lot. Memo to Ernie Grunfeld: watch the POY this weekend and learn what a passionate player is again.

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