The Wait Is Over –Terps 4th Seed in Midwest Region- Face Houston on Friday in Spokane—Audio from Greivis, Gary, Eric Landon

Someone asked the 3 Seniors if they had ever been to Spokane and I question if they thought the reporter was serious. Because guess what, I had no idea of where Spokane was. It is one hard city to get to—-no flights in or out were timely available and the closest fuctional airport is Seattle 250 miles away.

It was clearly a surprise that the Terps were a 4 seed—not because I didn’t think they deserved it, but all the ratings and the Bracket experts figured much worse. So Maryland goes out West where in 2001 they beat Stanford to go to the final four.  This year the path is extremely interesting. First up is Houston a surprise Conference tourney winner over UTEP. Houston is a guard oriented team featuring the number 1 scorer in the nation, Aubrey Coleman. Overall a good matchup for the Terps and the game should be a run and gun high scoring battle.  We don’t like to look ahead but a possible round of 32 matchup with Michigan State awaits–the followed by the Number 1 seed in the tournament Kansas.

Here’s what the 3 Seniors had to say together–3 Seniors Selection

Greivis on Houston—Greivis Selection Landon on Scoring Landon Selection

Gary spoke of how proud he was of the team to achieve the 4th seed.  Gary on 4th Seed Gary Selection

Game time is 9:40 on Friday which makes it one of the last 1st round games. Should the Terps advance to the Sweet Sixteen, the regional would be in St Louis.

I was very surprised to see that Virginia Tech was left out of the dance. 10-6 and 3rd place in the ACC should be enough to get in. Imagine the outcry if the Terps were in that position.

Duke received a very favorable draw having to get through a weakened Purdue team and then probably Villanova to get to the final 4.

As the week goes on I will make my final four predictons. The best thing about tonight for the Terps is that the dream is alive. Many experts give Maryland little chance to get past the likes of Kansas but with the Maestro and Greivis anything is possible. I am counting the minutes til Friday night!!!

Just why Spokane–I ask!!!!!

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  1. freddy from boca

    they had hoped to play the game at the jcc so you wouldn’t have to drive far but the gym floor is being waxed and teh only other gym available was in spokane. go figure. sorry bruce!

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Terrance

    I have a strong feeling MD doesn’t make it to Sunday.
    Not because they lost in game 1 of the ACC, cuz they usually lay an egg in the ACC Tourney, but because everyone seems to still think they are over-rated, and being an upset team is just the kind of luck the Terps have, and have had since these recruiting woes have started a few years ago. By Woes I mean the inability to get that 1 last player that puts them over the hump, and back up to the top 5 area. The Steve Francis, Joe Smith, Wilcox, Blake, even Gilchrest.
    I’m glad they have the banner for the reg season, but I still think this team is far, far away from an elite team.
    I think we are getting back to that place, hopefully, we see a Quinn Cook addition to 2011 with a Hopkins, and maybe even add 1 more top 60 for next season.
    You need 2 good big men, and we have just 1, and its too much to ask a freshman to carry the frontcourt on his back.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. freddy from boca

    to terrance. you need a 4 man big man rotation to go far in the ncaa’s. secondly i would be semi-shocked if the terps didn’t advance to sunday. few teams get over the hump and the reality is getting over the hump means going to the final 4 and for some getting over the hump means only one thing. winning it all.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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