Devastion–The Only Word I Can Think Of To Describe How Terrapin Nation Feels As Buzzer Beater Turns Win Into a Loss—Michigan State 85 Terrapins 83

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I will never forgot this game. It is utterly incredible that such a valiant comeback fell so agonizingly short. That’s Adrian Bowie pictured who had 3 shots fall in yet spin out of the basket. Adrian is a kid who was born to be a Terp and certainly his gutty play over the past 4 games sets him up for his Senior Leadership role next season.  Adrian Bowie was a Maryland fan long before Gary offered him a scholarship while at Montrose Christian.  Pe’Shon Howard is another kid who waited about 1 minute to say yes after Gary offered. These are the kind of kids, like Greivis, Landon, and Eric that make me feel so close to this program. Some of my many thoughts 2 hours after the game.

Thank you Greivis for coming back and proving to the nation what a special player you are and what a special place Maryland is. When the Terps were up against the wall, Greivis spearheaded a tremendous final run scoring 9 in the last 2 minutes. Open your eyes Ernie Grunfeld and if you can get this kid with that 30th pick grab him. Greivis made 2 running shots to give the Terps the lead each time.  Only a miracle 3 took us down.

At halftime, I pulled up the MSU stats for the year and noticed they barely averaged 70 points in conference play. Summers shot 6-8 from the 3 point line. The team shot 56%. No wonder Izzo called the win the greatest in Spartan history.

Eric was his quiet deadly self again scoring 18 including 4 threes.  Landon nailed 4 jumpers on his way to 11 points. Jordan Williams had a double double despite being in foul trouble most of the game.Tucker and Mosley keyed the pressure comeback down the stretch.

Warriors is the proper word to describe this team. They went down spilling every ounce of blood and guts and every Terrapin fan should love them for it.

I just can’t remember feeling so low after a game.  It’s the win to a loss shot that kills. The Terps went down like champs and I would always prefer it that way as compared to getting blown out like Georgetown and Wisconsin did.

What hurts the most (Rascal Flatts) is being soooooo Close to a final four run. Believe me, Northern Iowa would have been putty in Gary’s hands.

What an incredible job Gary Williams did this year. The “Maestro” weaved together an incredible team and I mean Team that by far though maybe not the best Terrapin club ever, easily one of the most entertaining and cohesive units I have ever seen wear the Terrapin uniform.

I have sworn off screaming during games for years because I always lose my voice. Today I have no voice. I still can’t believe we lost.

Well I have to say it, hats off to MSU for rallying together when Kalin Lucas went down. I thought the 9 point halftime lead would disappear much more quickly then it did.

Please take Mike Gminski off of Maryland telecasts. The ex-Dookie sat there for 2 hours praising Michigan State and Izzo. He never had a good word to say about Gary and barely praised Greivis. This is after covering most of Maryland’s games this year. Today he was unbearable to listen to. Email Raycom and let them know how you feel.

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  1. freddy from boca

    congrats to msu. they shot 55% from the field, 56% from 3 and out rebounded maryland by 13 or so. how many wide open shots did msu have. how many back door plays did msu convert in the second half. tremendous comeback by the terps. however the terps played much of the game a step slow. they came out at the beginning with little intensity and little emotion. can’t expect to beat a good team when you only play hard part of the game. it’s a 40 min game and there is no excuse for not playing hard for 40 min. not making it to the sweet 16 leaves a sour taste in my mouth. this is a game maryland should have won. yes the comeback was terrific. but you need to play the whole game hard not just parts here and there. no one played great for maryland for the game overall. some guys played well in spurts and in the last 6 min or so most played well. milbourne and hayes played the most consistent. tough, tough loss because to me the effort and passion wasn’t there the whole game.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Dave Vatz

    We are all in shock after what happened, and Michigan State deserves a lot of credit. They had control and were in position to survive a valiant run by the Terps. Maryland may have struggled, but like many times before they put themselves into position to stay in the hunt and win the game. It is a tribute to a great coach and a great team. Let’s just hope we all can recover from the loss. I wish Greivis Vasquez, Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne the best of luck on the next level, and Gary Williams should be praised for another great season.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Terrance

    You got to give them credit for fighting back, but, the right team won the game.
    You don’t see Gary get outcoached to often, but, Izzo definitely got revenge today for that 18 point loss last season.
    Every terps loss this season, they played no where near where they needed to play in the 1st half.
    Izzo took a battered team with reserves and beat us, fair and square.

    Here is the thing. Gary Williams has forgotten more about basketball than I will ever know.
    However, when you see MD just right in the pack of these top 25-30 teams in the nation, every game they play they get outrebounded and don’t have enough of an inside presence.
    I have a feeling we will be sitting here next year talking about the same stuff because the recruits coming in do NOT make this team any bigger.

    MD had a great season. They hang another banner from the rafters, but, we will NOT get back over that hump of top 10 teams until we get bigger.
    I don’t know why they just can’t do it, cuz well, they are Maryland and they should be able to.
    During that stretch from 95 until 2004, they had minimum 2 big men.
    Ebekwe and Gist never panned out to their ability.
    J Will will be a very good player. But you have GOT to have 3, and they HAVE GOT to be more athletic to get offensive putbacks, and defensive rebounds against the top teams.
    Plain and Simple. This still sucks, but, its just the way it is.

    I was really hoping we would get a week 2 game this year. Let down again.

    I guess we can hope that Stoglin, Parker, and Howard are as under-rated as Williams was this year.
    Gary still needs to get a 5 star big to help get this team back amongst the elite.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  4. freddy from boca

    bring back the barry brothers to do color on the telecast

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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