Is Clemson really That Much Better? Terps Fall to 4-2 After Getting Thrashed 31-7 in Death Valley

I guess the Tigers are but:

3 plays were devastating for the Terps today. First the kickoff return just after we had reversed the momentum with probably our strongest drive of the year. The missed 33 yard field goal by Baltz that wasn’t even near being close. Moten dropped a clear easy interception that would have been a TD.

I know Bowers is incredible and the Terps’ offensive line might be suspect butit took 3 1/2 quareters to get a holding call on Clemson long after the result was in question.

Why so many dropped passes by the Terps?

The defense kept Clemson under 200 yards ¬†as I am writing with a few minutes to go. Wujciak was great today. Take away the TD return and the big punt return and Clemson’s offense was mediocre. Where is the Terrapions’ running game.

Finally Will Yeatman got to play and had 3 receptions on the TD drive. after that he sort of vanished.

After throwing out in the flat 20 times an INT for a Touchdown was getting to be inevitable.

The Terps just can’t seem to generate an effective pass rush.

Warm up the computers–the Terps return to ESPN3 next week against BC.

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  1. freddy from boca

    9-10 penalties maybe 5 procedure penalties. no discipline. poor coaching no holes for the runers to go through. no time for the qb to pass. great idea sending robinson in for 2 hand offs. creative play calling. time for the current coaching staff to pack their bags. not getting the job done and they haven’t gotten in done in the last 6 yrs. where have you gone charlie taffe and gary blackney maryland nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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