I definitely thought the Terps would win this game today but certainly not in the natter they did. As we discussed on the Sports Maven Saturday morning, QB! Danny O’Brien has lifted this team to a point where it now greatly believes in itself. My guest host Marc Appel clearly made the point that with a strong smart QB you will likely be in every game. Danny is a true leader and remember he is only in his ist season and 8th game.

Now many skeptics will say who has Maryland beaten. Well they have beaten 6 of the 8 teams on its schedule. Miami is up next week and today Miami got toasted by UVA. Florida State a power? Don’t think so. Miami a power –Nah. Miami without Jacory Harris might even translate into Maryland’s 2nd victory on the road.  Here’s the bottom line, the ACC just isnt that strong. the Terps are 3-1 in conference. The level of play for this team elevates every week. No predictions, no promises but I can tell you this—there is lots of hope. Some observations of the game today.

2 blocked punts—-both cases of helicoptering over the 3 man blocking front. The Terps scored the first 5 times they touched the ball. The Terps utilized a 2 tight end stacked set up on many plays today but continued to go the opposite direction of the stack. Davin Meggett seems to have established himself as the strongest rusher on the team.

I don’t have any problem with the intermittent use of JaMarr Robinson but please let him throw the ball. His passing against WVU was superb but now he seems like there is a harness on him. DannyO’Brien is spreading his passes out to numerous receivers, a certain way to keep everyone on his bandwagon.

Traffic to the game was much heavier then normal but the crowd could have been better.

AJ Francis has blossomed the past few weeks and has been wrecking havoc in opponents  backfields.

Ralph was jubilent afyter the victory: “Well I thought we played a complete game tonight. I asked the kids last night to make a statement and I think they did. It’s a great bunch of kids we work with. To see them so excited and so happy on the sidelines, and just thinking of where we were last year, to me it’s a lesson in perseverance. We were just hanging in there, never giving up, just keep working and that’s what I think our team has done. Now we’re bowl eligible and these next four weeks will probably be the most important four weeks of our players’ lives. But we’re not looking any further than next week, which will be a very big game on the road and we’ll see how we handle that situation.”

Ironically TNT’s David Aldridge was in the Press Box today and  was singing the praises of the addirion of Steve Blake to the Lakers lineup.

As the Terps were scoring again and again, the feeling in the stadium was almost surreal. 2-10 to 6-2? Challenging for the division lead? A big game against Miami?

Ain’t the beer cold!!!!!!!

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