Terps Fall 26-20 To Hurricanes in Horrendous Loss—Still Remain in Contention For ACC Division Title as FSU and NC State Lose as Well

I guess if you would have told me that the Terps would be 6-3 at this point of the season back before the Navy game, I would have signed a contract. But as you saw today the Terps are probably every bit as good as anyone in the conference save Virginia Tech. The turnaround has been quick and a big step could have been taken today with a victory. But>>>>>>>

This one is going to sting for a while. I am in a weird way happy Cannon did not hold on to the ball on the last play because he was out of bounds.I knew it was going to be a strange day when Freddie called me up after Wujciak intercepted and went to the house and then stated “We’re going to the Orange Bowl.” My only second guess was the overwhelmingly conservative play calling when the Terps got the ball with 5:22 left, with the lead 20-18 and Miami out of timeouts. Run, run , draw–3 yards short–punt and the rest was history. One first down and the game is virtually over. You have to try to win. Of course if a ball was intercepted, some might scream how could we give them the game. Ralph commented on this situation after the game “”I wanted to run the clock. They were out of timeouts and I felt like if I could get it under three minutes, we’d probably win the football game. I thought we had a shot on the last play. On the last play if they played cover two, we’re going to run it and if they post up one on one, we’re going to throw it, so we had an option to throw there, but I wanted to burn as much clock as possible. The other thing I didn’t want to do is turn it over down there, and with them having no timeouts if we throw an incompletion, I’m helping them. In a perfect would I would have loved two first downs, took a knee and went home.”

The wasting of 2 timeouts came back to bite us in the final seconds. After the Terps got the big break with recall of the TD for a face mask penalty. Jamarr came in and completed a nice pass in the flat and then was yanked. If you are going to use 2 QBS and I believe that that is a correct decision, then let Jamarr get in a groove. Putting him in an in and out position is not working.

What was proven today that the malarky that the Terps 6-2 record going in was a weak 6-2 has been erased. Miami’s coach, Randy Shannon played like a scared rabbit continuuing to not take chances on 3rd and long and playing so close to the vest he almost blew the game. The Terps fall to 6-3 with a brutal road game at UVA next week. Maryland’s recent history at Virginia is not that good.

Where has Kevin Dorsey been. He had an excellent game today and showed Ralph how good his hands are. The alley oop play to Will Yeatman was obviously one that has been practiced over and over but I thought that it just had not been working this season.

The running game again was mediocre. One stinking first down and we win.
David Mackall reaped havoc in the Miami backfield but was a split second late on the winning touchdown.

Alex Wujciak was simply awesome today with 2 ints, one for a TD. He raises his NFL stock every game.

QB1 had trouble with Miami’s tight secondary play especially in the 2nd half.

THE ESPNU announcers were absolutely pathetic. Mistake after mistake, naming the wrong team to missing players. It hurts like crazy when you lose.

Miami gained over 500 yards with a Freshman qb starting his first game. Yea this one will hurt for a while because it was ours to win. Now we will see the real character of the team next week at UVA. But unfortunately we will have to watch on the computer where the announcing is even worse.For many reasons in my opinion it is a Must win. Judgment Day returns!!!!

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  1. freddy from boca

    md has first and goal on the 2 1/2. run the ball. no franklin calls a tough pass play to a fullback who rarely plays. robinson comes in and plays soccer with the ball and now the ball is on the ten. poor coaching. the best thing for the football program would be to for ralph and franklin to be let go.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Ryan

    This team got smoked by a true freshman making his first start?
    This is MD football, win against losers, then lose the big games. It was the same in Ralphs 1st seasons when they couldn’t beat FSU.

    The best thing for this program is to get rid of this whole coaching staff.
    Franklin tricks himself out of more plays than I can count. HOW MANY TIMES, is there a 2-1 or 3rd n 1, and instead of just running the GD ball, he passes, and how many times do the defense only rush 3? CUZ they, along with everyone in the stadium just know Franklin ain’t running the ball. He sucks.
    Ralph just can’t do anything.
    ANd Don Brown was the worst hire since either 1 of them.

    Here is the ironic thing,…this team ain’t gonna win another game. I’d bet anything.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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