Terps Pull Away for 42-23 Win and Clinch Winning Record

Some observations of a great day at Scott Stadium :

Compact stadium ———-took 3 hours to get here

Again the d could not  stop Marc Verica early- 165 yards passing in first half

Virginia had 14 penalties for the day—however several were for pass interference that saved touchdowns.  Early in the first half a UVA corner virtually tackled Torrie that saved a TD –Terps were rewarded with a 15 yard penalty—rule must be changed

UVA receivers were wide open for the first 3 quarters but then the Terps closed the door–

Danny very sharp today—–the tams was 6-6 in the red zone

The Terps desparately needed the win for their coach and they played like it

Something has to be wrong with Torrie-had 10 yards on corner and did not get in

To win the division(I can’t believe I am even saying this) the Terps will need to win their final 2 home games.

Kevin Anderson might have been the happiest AD in the land yesterday.

With 7 wins secure, I do believe that Ralph will definitely be back year—any more wins might even do more!!!!

2-10 last year and now 7-3 –Can you believe it?

FSU is up nexy week. Remember no one in the ACC is that powerful. As I am writing this blog Clemson is up 10-3

On my way home for a triple header at College Park on Sunday—Field Hockey , Lady’s Soccer and Hoops against Maine

Maryland Football
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  1. freddy from boca

    i’m happy the terps won but would prefer a coaching change. ralph is basically 7-5 on average very year. franklin isn’t this great offensive wizard he was made out to be. i would prefer an all new coaching staff which i believe is better for the terps in the long run.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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