Comeback Falls Short as Terps Lose to Illinois 80-76

I know it sounds crazy but I feel even more stronger about this team after their 2nd loss in a row. Some points:

Jordan had 15 points and 13 rebounds yet barely played more then a half. He has to watch his cheap fouls.

Stoglin is a gutty player scoring 17 in this situation. Yes he missed a couple of threes down the wire but he is only a freshman. He never backed down the entire game.

I thought Sean Mosley had a super game scoring, leading, and willing his team to stay in the contest.

Gary was quoted after the game:I’m really proud of the team. Both nights here we could have folded, but we didn’t. We’re playing the fourth-ranked team and the 13th-ranked team and we have some new parts that we’re trying to get in there… I’m really proud of these guys. I found out a lot about our team the last two nights. You come here to obviously win the tournament like the last time we were here, but I found out some things that I could never find out in practice. That’s the key when you play against top flight teams like these two teams that are well coached, play really hard, and play in great conferences. You learn a lot about your players because you have some guys that aren’t tested and you’re getting tested against some of the best teams in the country. It’s kind of good to get that this time of year. I’m proud of that and I’m proud of the way we handled Dino Gregory and Jordan Williams on the bench for twelve to thirteen minutes in the first half. James Padgett probably played his best game of the year so far and Berend Weijs just keeps getting better as he continues to play. I’m proud of those guys.”

You have to remember that these were 2 of the highest ranked teams in the land. The Terps certainly held their own against them. Three point shooting and 3 point defense seem to becoming priorities on the squad. I am disappointed for sure but my hopes are as high as ever.

Tuesday night the Terps return to action at Comcast against Delaware State.

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  1. Ryan

    I just don’t share the optimism about some of the players.

    This team doesn’t have a shooter and it kills them. I don’t like the “they’re young” excuse, because, thats a recruiting issue. Harrison Barnes is a freshman. He is the starting 2, and can shoot.

    I don’t see the love affair with Mosely either. I think he is one of the biggest dissappointments since Mike Jones. Horrid shooter.
    The problem with this team isn’t the freshman. It’s the fact that the upper classmen are so mercurial, and it will kill this team this year.

    The last few years, we have had the guards, and no inside game. Now, we have maybe the best low post player in the NATION, and nothing on the outside.
    Gary has had so many great players that would hit those big 3’s in transition, and they used to win these games. At least 1 of them.
    I keep hearing about Tucker playing far more consistent. Well, the first 2 games against normal foes, and last night he is 1-6 from 3, and misses the front end of 2 1-1’s.
    Today, sitting on the bench in crunch time after more bonehead turnovers.

    My biggest question is, this team so DESPERATELY needs a scorer, shooter, slashed. A stud, in other words…..Mychal Parker is a 97grade on ESPN, and I believe like #40 on Rivals. Yet, he isn’t on the court.
    So, again, if its defense, or whatever, that on the recruiting again.

    They land Faust, but the Williams will leave early, and they won’t get Baru or Hubert. It’s maddening that they just can’t get back to that elite level due to incomplete recruiting.

    Gary is an amazing coach and gets more from what he gets than anyone in the Nation. But, there is a reason MD gets no respect in the polls, and this weekend proves that again. They just lack talent in many areas.
    Bowie, Tucker, and Mosley, in my eyes are the biggest dissappointments. One game here or there isn’t gonna help.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    ryan….harrison barnes was 0-12 last night vs minn. harrison barnes…ON FIRE!

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Ryan

    Touche Freddy. You know what I’m saying.

    Again, it isn’t the freshman in my eyes, but inconsistent performances from Tucker and Mosley.

    I just see them as not enough to make us a top 25 team, let alone the top 5 that I wish we could return to.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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