4 Starters Combine for 9 Points –Terps Comeback Falls Short —Temple 64 Terps 61

How can this be our 8th loss in the last 10 BB&T games? I am inclined to have give a positive spin on last night’s game. Pe”Shon Howard and Terrell Stoglin are flat out bball studs. They brought this team out of the doldrums and gave the Temple backcourt fits. Stoglin has that look for scoring. He looks for his shot and is not afraid to take it. The starting lineup is severely lacking that go to situation. Only through Gary’s elevated coaching has Maryland been able to make up the deficits the starters sans Williams (Jordan that is) have put them in. Last night Tucker, Dino and Adrian were a combined 1-9 from the field in 72 minutes of Playing time.Stoglin and Pe”Shon were always attacking the bucket not backing off. Furthermore, Pe”Shon was the only player able to stop Juan Fernandez down the wire.

Jordan Williams was solid as always 11-17 from the field and 11 rebounds but the secret is out –he is beginning to get double and triple teamed down under. Someone else must score. 21 points in the 1st half will never beat a good team. The real season –the ACC one that is starts next Sunday. with a record of 1-3 in marquis games (that’s including Penn State) a strong ACC record is vital. Cliff, Adrian , and Dino just don’t seem to have these problems at home but 8 conference games are on the road. Thank heavens we have Gary Williams as Coach.

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  1. freddy from boca

    here’s the bottom line. first…this team can’t shot free throws. unacceptable. 2nd. howard is the only guard who knows how to penetrate in the lane to make something happen, particularly driving and passing to an open man. bowie has no idea how a run a half court offense. put howard at the point and have stoglin and tucker on the 3 pt line for open looks when howard penetrates and doesn’t take it to the basket or pass to someone down low. dino gregory isn’t a good shooter, doesn’t rebound well or even block out well. he’s better off the bench to add some energy and play some defense…same with bowie who can’t shot from the outside, doesn’t penetrate adn pass off at all and can only go to this left. the team shows no chemistry on offense they way gary is using the players at the present time. as we play better teams things will get rough. tucker pulled a claude raines (invisible man) last night but he’s still our best overall offensive player. but will somebody please teach these guys how to shot free throws.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Gary Jenifer

    Funny you make no mention of Sean mosely’s paltry production. He is a starter too.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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