Gary Stays Loyal To His Upperclassmen, as Bowie, Stoglin, and Williams Lead Terps to Victory Over UNCG 99-56 —Williams Audio

Williams Post UNCG I give the Maestro credit—he remains loyal to those who have always been good to him. After a really weak game against Temple, gary contemplated a change or 2 but decided to stay with the status quo as far as the starting lineup goes. Adrian Bowie responded with an excellent game scoring 15 on 4-5 shooting.Cliff Tucker scored 13 on 5-10 shhoting. Once again Jordan Williams got a 2bl–2bl with 23 and 13.

The guy who continues to impress me is Terrell Stoglin. Off the bench last night, he scored 18 on 6-10 shooting. His ablity to move withoput the ball grabbed my attention as well as his Coach. “I was impressed when we recruited him, I thought he could do that, and he hasn’t been disappointing. He still makes some mistakes, and he knows it. He’s tough enough to fight you. I kind of like that. In other words he really believes in himself and you can’t shake him. He doesn’t like criticism, but at the same time he listens. I think he has a chance to be an outstanding player.”

Sean Mosley was very aggressive early, still had scoring troubles early but wound up with 6 points. Dinop Gregory scored 3 in 21 minutes of action.

The 2nd season begins Sunday afternoon at 4PM at Comcast against the Boston College Eagles.

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  1. Ryan


    Baru going to CoC? WTF? How did Cremens pull that off?
    Must not have aspirations of NBA. Handler issue?
    I feel so sorry for these kids. Kids from over seas, and kids with single parents. THey get taken advantage of.

    Gus Gilchrest, if he is at MD, the Terps are a top 5 team right now.
    IF they land Baru, with Faust, they are Title contenders.
    Just can’t get it fully done.

    I disagree with the bowl snubbing thing. Attendance is horrid, and it IS about money for these bowls.
    Bowl games are great, but it is a business, and I don’t think we should FORCE this companies to lose money so-to-speak, by not selling out.

    Terp Football dug this hole, now they have to dig their way back out. I think they are well under way, they just have to keep Torrey and Kenny around for nest year, and they have an undefeated season in them.

    Reynolds is gonna hit 50 HR in OPACY. PLUS, “the sheriff of swattingham” being in that lineup, NOW with JJ Hardy, is going to turn Adam and Nick into the superstars they are capable of being. PLUS, Weiters is going to blow up this year.
    You watch. Add that offense, to Guthrie, Matusz, Arrieta, Bergeson, and Britton…if Andy brings in a whole new bullpen of quality arms, the O’s are GONNA SHOCK THE WORLD!!!!
    I wish they would get Prince for 1B, and really go for it!

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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