Baru To College of Charleston—Carolina Showing Interest in Hubert

Ryan asked me today how in the world could Baru choose the Bobby Cremins school. It’s simple –Bobby gave a full scholarship to the son of Baru’s legal guardian. the young man and Baru are very close. End of story. What I am worried about now is that Desmond Hubert is now being looked at by Carolina. But who would want to play for Roy Smith?

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  1. Ryan

    Are you kidding me? Is that legal? Is that public knowledge?
    Wow. So, instead of playing in the bright lights of the ACC, and be a part of what would have been a top 5 recruiting class, he just goes to CoC?
    How can anyone who cares about that kid let him do that?
    If we miss Hubert, we are gonna be in the same boat as this year, just reversed.
    We will have a bunch of gaurds again, and no big men.
    The last 5 years, we had gaurds and no bigs. Then WIlliams came along last year, and surprised everyone, making the Terps are surprise team.
    Now, this year, we have only Frosh gaurds.
    Well, Williams is going to go pro after next season in all likelyhood, and we will have Faust, Stoglin, Howard, Parker, etc. and no big men.

    This is the only issue I have with Gary, or whoever. They just can’t seem to get a complet class.

    If we would have had 1 more rebounder last season, we would have smashed Mich St., and probably gone on to another final 4.

    Gary just always seems to come up 1 player short.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    last time i checked gary has been to 2 final fours and won one of them. how many coaches can say that?

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Ryan

    No, Gary is great. I wouldn’t want any other coach. I think he does more with less than any other coach in the land.
    If he got the talent of a Kentucky, or Memphis, or whoever, I think we would have at least 3 National Championships.

    All I am saying is, and he knows it too, or else why would he offer Baru, Hubert, Jones, etc. is that they have GOT to figure out a way to land more than just 1 of those top 25 kids.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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