Terrapin Josh Wilson saves The Day For The Ravens—Pick Six in OT Ravens Move to 9-4 and #5 Seed

What a miraculous, insane Monday night game last night.  The Ravens almost blew a 21-0 and then a 28-7 lead on tremendous play by former UVA QB Matt Schaub. The Ravens defensive players were literally out of gas as Schaub marched the Texans to 2 drives of 99 and 95 yards to tie the game. Fortunately the Ravens won the OT toss to give their defense a breather. The 2nd biggest play was a tremendous punt that pinned the Texans back on the 7. Then Josh Wilson stolen from Seattle on September by Ozzie, came through with by far the biggest play of the year.

Despite how pathetic the Ravens looked down the wire, perhaps the play by Wilson could be the one to turn the season around. New Orleans comes to town next and the Ravens will have to face them on a short week. But M&T will be buzzing and after the tremendous letdown of the Steelers loss, hope springs eternal again.

No criticism of Flacco this week. Dropped balls by Mason and Bouldin,a weak offensive left side of the line, continual safety blitzes all put extraordinary pressure on Joe. He survived the first half but the offense was totally non productive in the 2nd. Something has to change. The running game is almost non-existent.

Scot Van Pelt just gave a shout out to Terrapin Josh Wilson.

The Jets fined and suspended their conditioning coach for tripping another Terrapin, Nolan carroll of the Dolphins. Thank heaven, Nolan wasn’t injured by the impulsive, idiotic move by the Jets coach.

The streak is opver . Brett was inactive tonight ending what some say is the greatest streak of all time (not by those in Baltimore) at 297. I am thoroughly sick of hearing about him and hopes he vanishes.

The Ravens gave up 500 yards of offense yet still were able to win. It was hard to miss the pained look of Coach Harbaugh as the game withered away.  To me the Ravens miss Jared Gaither much more then anyone will admit. The sacks seem to be coming from the blind side, something that almost never happened when Gaither was playing left tackle.

I don’t have to wait for Mike Preston’ s grading to know that the specials teams will get an A+ this week.

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    they miss gaither to an extent. remember, gaither never plays a full season because he’s gets hurt or thinks he’s hurt all the time. but when he played he played well but again you could never count on him for the whole season. i thought can cameron said the safety getting free to the qb was a one time mistake. guess not.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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