Quick Comments on Some of the Football Coaching Candidates

Mike Leach—clearly the most popular choice among the fans at this point. His ability to put points on the board and being able to coach his QBs way up catches your eye immediately. His success in the Big 12 speaks for itself. I do believe his hire would put the fans into the seats at Byrd. However we are receiving mixed signals about him from Kevin Anderson: “Is he interested because it’s Maryland or is he interested because he wants to get back in coaching? I want somebody here because it is Maryland and what it stands for and everything else. I’m not looking for somebody who wants to come in and coach because they want and need a job.” “I know a lot of people who just went through the coaching search, and they sat down and they talked to him. And these are people in my business that I have a high regard for. At the end of the day, they didn’t hire him. But you know what? I need to know [more].” from Testudo times. Is this posturing from Kevin during contract negotiations? Who knows?

Ty Willingham—Though treated unfairly at Notre Dame. Willingham went on the next 4 years to have the worst winning percentage at Washington in the schools history at .229   His last year, Washington was 0-12.

Mike Locksley–Though a great local recruiter, Mike is currently head coach at New Mexico, where he has compiled a 2-22 record after 2 years of a 6 year contract. Ups to his agent. I am not sure why we would consider Mike.

Brian Billick===a sleeper choice. Though he would have to accept much less then he made as a Ravens Head Coach, this is an intriguing subject. Brian has coached at the college level, won a Super Bowl as baltimore’s head coach, and cetainly loves the areaas he built a huge home on the Eastern Shore. Brian would surround himself with terrific assistants and would be extremely successful in the recruiting arena. His hiring would create a buzz and sell tickets immediately.

Jim Harbaugh–I have said it many times that Jim is the best coach in college football and #2 is so far behind you can’t see him. I seriously doubt we could pry him from Stanford. Great choice but a waste of time and effort. His next job will probably be in the pros not at Michigan like Karl Pick wants.

Hugh Jackson—Currently OC with the Oakland Raiders. Everywhere Hugh  goes the offense improves quickly. Has done wonders with jason Campbell. Knows the area well, has coached at Cal-State Fullerton and California as well as the Ravens.   I believe he would be a great choice.

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