Dazed and Confused—Certain Questions Need To Be Answered about Process Of Filling Vacancy

I would hope Kevin Anderson addresses the following points at the press conference tomorrow.

What were the points that that soured the committe on Mike Leach.

Did the committee consider Randy Edsall’s record against top 25 teams?

What traits impressed the committee the most about Edsall?

Did Edsall present a game plan that convinced the committee that he can make Maryland a National Power again? What is his time frame?

Assuming that there were reasons to reject Mike Leach, why was their such an urgency to make such a crucial decision?

Was there ever a thought to see what NFL coaches are let go tomorrow before deciding on Edsall?

Is there a belief that the addition of Edsall will help fill the empty seats and suites?

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  1. Ben

    The problem is Anderson will not ask those questions nor will a reporter ask them. I hope someone has the guts to ask and then when Anderson does not answer it, say “Well you still have not answered my question.” I would not bet on it though.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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