What To Look For Sunday Night vs Duke

This is a tough one Sunday night. The Terps will have at point guard most of the night– one of 2 freshman, PeShon or Terrell. This is a tall task for any player let alone a freshman. Here are some things that must happen for the Terps to be competitive:

Jordan must stay out of foul trouble. Coach K will be throwing all his bigs at him. Dino must hit his little jumper to keep some of the pressure off of Jordan.

The first 4 minutes are crucial. Duke has a habit of putting teams away early . This is no time for a slow start.

My guess is this game will need a combined 30 points from Sean, Cliff and Bowie. I can’t either freshman having a big scoring game at Cameron.

Look for Sean to be on Singler and Bowie to start off on Nolan Smith.

Finally, at some point gary will go with Jordan and 4 guards to try to throw off Duke a little.


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  1. Ryan

    Nice game for the Terps. Duke is just a far superior team top to bottom and played a bad game.
    It would have been a solid loss, if the Terps wouldn’t have blown the game at HOME against BC.
    Again, the worst part is, I think we should win at Wake. They SHOULD. Wake isn’t very good, and lost multiple tune up type games.
    The issue is, we HAVE to get a quality win at some point.
    They have to win their next 2 ACC games, AND somehow pull off the upset of Nova.
    I just don’t see it happening.
    Again, we just don’t recruit well.
    People can argue that all they want, but, then why do we lose?
    He gets 1 or 2 players here or there, but can’t get the program back to elite status. I just want to be pre-season ranked, or hit the top 25 just once.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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