Put The Moral Victories aside–It’s Time For The Terps To Win a Marquis Game

Utterly amazing. the Terps are 11-5 and all 5 losses could have easily have gone the other way. Fouls shots, clutch shooting, short lapses in defense have all contributed to the 5 losses. somehow or another the 3 non conference losses were all on neutral courts. Now the Terps travel to Philly to face Villanova or “Montrose North” as we know it.  The Terps have proven they can play with anyone. Their intensity and overall preparation are unmatched. THEY NEED A SIGNATURE WIN TO TURN THE SEASON AROUND. Perhaps it will be today.

Villanova is a similar guard heavy team like Maryland.  The 2 Coreys (Stokes and Fisher) wrecked havoc with the Terps last year at Verizon. The Terps must defend the 3 better then last year but their defensive intensity has gained respect all over the nation.Sean Mosley had his career game and I am sure he is looking for a repeat. But what’s the formula? Bowie Stoglin and PeShon need a combined 25 points and Jordan will take care of Moustapha Yarou. Look for a close fierce, battle to the wire and let’s hope Nova is looking ahead to UConn Monday night.  Oh would I love for the Terps to be in the Big East.

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  1. Ryan

    I’m trying to determine, after watching this game, if this is the worst MD team Gary has had since the 1st year.

    The upper classmen on this team are totally worthless.
    Stoglin might evolve into something of a sparkplug, but Howard just isn’t very good.

    I hate when they miss the tourney, cuz it’s just boring without them in it. At least until they lose in the 2nd round.

    Way frustrating. How did this program get to this point?

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. Ryan

    Oh, and the worst thing is, when you lose to Temple, Nova, and Pitt, and you see ALL of these kids that were recruited by MD, from Baltimore, and they go away, it drives me nuts.

    When Gary retires, it will be a year or two that hurts, if recruits walk away, but hopefully, they spend the money to get a name that can actually recruit.
    They aren’t doing something right. I have always heard it’s because Gary is super arrogant, and in his narcisism, he blows it.
    The BIGGER concern is, since Hahn, and Patsos left, they just don’t know talent.
    They get Mosely, who is by far a bust in my eyes. He isn’t a top 100 recruit.
    The hit a jackpot with Williams, but that’s because he was well under-rated by everyone.
    They missed with Jones, Mosely, the entire Senior class, Ebekwe, Gist, Padgett, etc.
    They tried to say Hayes was going to be the next Steve Blake, even better. lol.

    I hope Gary calls it quits after this season, and somehow they can hold onto Faust. ALthough, from looking at his stats this season, he might be the next Parker. A top 50, that doesn’t play.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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