Seth Greenberg Brings His “Whining” Hokies To Comcast Tonight—Judgment Day for the Terps

Tonight needs to be that game that begins to turn the season around for Maryland. it will not be an easy task as the opponent always gives Maryland fits. Senior Malcolm Dulaney, fron Baltimore leads the Hokies in most categories and is certainly the heart of the team. Forward Jeff Allen has  been a thorn in the side of the Terps for years. Hopefully Jordan Williams and the rest of his mates overcome the free throw problem that has plagued the Terrapins. Look for Sean Mosley to draw the assignment of guarding Dulaney. Look for lots of threes to be fired up from the Hokies. gametime is 9PM at the Comcast Center.

It’s unbelievable that the Hokies were complaining about Maryland fan behavior before the game tonight. The following is from Jeff Barker’s Tracking the Terps in the Sun:

Several media outlets reported comments made by Virginia Tech senior Malcolm Delaney that Maryland “might have the worst fans ever.”Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg was quoted in the Richmond Times-Dispatch today talking about Allen and the atmosphere at Comcast.”I don’t have to talk to him about it,” Greenberg said in the Richmond paper. “You talk about nasty environments, buying a ticket doesn’t give you a right to be abusive. And you would hope that, quite honestly, the people at Maryland would do their job. Plain and simple. They need to do their job. Just because you buy a ticket to a game doesn’t give you a right to be abusive.”

Seth, I remember a few years back when your team defeated the Terps and as you walked out past the Maryland bench, you turned to the parents section, and leaped in the air with both arms in the air.

The Terrapin released all tickets for the remaining ACC games today  (except Duke) Go to for more info.

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  1. Ryan

    It would be great to shut them up, but, we are one of the worst teams in the ACC.

    Anyone who thinks this isn’t the worst team Gary has recruited, they are kidding themselves.

    Lets hope Gary hangs it up after this season. He has lost it. The last 7 years, since the ACC expanded, have been horrid. 1 ok year. They still lost to a Mich St. team that was missing their best player or 2.

    It’s so frustrating. Again, look at what Steve Lavin did and is doing at St. Johns in 1 year.

    We went to back to back final 4’s just a decade ago. How has it come to this?

    Gary can’t recruit, but, lets look at even his coaching.
    Is it a coincedence that every Mcdonalds AA he has had is a bust?
    He has NO ONE in the NBA that is above average.
    Parker and Stoglin are NOT ACC players. Parker, well, who knows. But the point is, look at all the Rivals top 150, and none of them pan out.

    You can’t win with just 1 here or there.
    Look at the guys they are recruiting. THey list the Terps, then like Tenn Chat, and Arkansas Pine Bluff.
    What is that?
    They can’t land the big ones, and everyone else isn’t a ACC player.

    NO ONE on this team can shoot consistently. Most can’t shoot at all. They are the worst wide-open shooting team in the ACC.
    It is really really bad at CP.

    Let’s hope the boosters have had enough and don’t think to hard on the fluke year that was 2010.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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