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Some of the topics for today’s show:
—Jets Steelers Preview
—Ravens review of disaster 1 week later
—Terrapin basketball
—Lacrosse Convention
—Cam Cameron–?
—Joe Flacco
—Lakers Heat slump
—Rays get manny, damon

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  1. Ryan


    Say Gary does retire after this year. Being that BBALL is the only money maker at MD currently, who will the Terps go after to replace him?
    Could the lure Brad Stevens away from Butler? When looking at the top coaches under the age of 40, I don’t know that MD is the attractive destination that it was a decade ago.
    I would love to get Josh Pastner, but, memphis is a far better program than MD at the moment.
    It has the ACC, the bigger media market, and perhaps a better pool of talent, but Gary has given it a little stigma now that no one wants to play here.

    I didn’t know that the rap on Gary, is that he is not very likeable, and many kids get turned off and don’t wanna play for him.
    Also, were you aware that in coaching circles, he is thought of as not being able to develop players?
    Did you read the comments from Terrance Ross? Baru?
    The bottom line is, other coaches recruiting them, when MD is brought up, they tell them that if they want to play in the NBA one day, and they want their ability to be showcased, that MD is the LAST place you want to play.

    I didn’t know all of these rumblings go on.

    Do YOU think Gary needs to retire? Is this his last season?

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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