Speechless in Baltimore (Almost) —The U Cruises to a 80-66 Victory Before Maybe 2000

I have been to the Coral Gables Arena. It might hold 7500 but last night the camera had to keep moving to avoid a really embarassing crowd. Is that how you reward your players on Senior Night? What would ever make a recruit want to go to the U. Basketball recruit that is. For some unknown reason, Coral Gables brings out the worst in the Terps.

Going into last night’s game, I had written that winning the final 2 regular season games and 2 in the Tournament would probably get the Terps a ticket. The announcers last night agreed. Thery also seem to be begging for the Terps to play better.

Jordan looked tired last night. that was Reggie Johnson on him not Dwight Howard. Jordan finished the game 3-17 from the field. He has absorbed tremendous double team punishment this. Perhaps he was weary. Jordan remember they play 82 in the NBA even if you are on the Wizards. Perhaps this game ends the Jordan Williams NBA discussion for 2011.

My guess is Gary was just looking for someone to score besides Stoglin. Adrian Bowie had a nice game, helping to keep Maryland close. Take Stoglin’s numbers out of the final stats and the Terps were 13-48 from the field or 27%.

Dino Gregory fought the entire game but for some reason wasn’t his usual aggressive self on offense looking for his shot only on rare occasions. Adrian Bowie had a nice effort scoring 15 for the Terps.

So yes finally it appears that the Terps will have to run the table at the ACC Tournament to get a ticket to the dance. Perhaps a Freshman from Arizona, Terrell Stoglin can put together one of those runs that occasionally happen in the ACC—Bobby Stokes for UVA, Dennis Scott from Georgia Tech, and yes even John Gilchrist. The dream is alive but barely.

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  1. freddy from boca

    other than a 15-3 run a pretty lackluster performance by the terps. though, to me, the game had no bearing on the ncaa’s. it’s my opinion that the terps have to win the acc tourney to move on to the ncaa’s. too small to play man to man and not long enough or quick enough to protect against the 3 last night. teams are figuring out jordan williams…getting him away from the blocks. he needs to develop a consistent 10-12 foot face up shot if he wants to play at the next level. he’s learning playing against guys his size isn’t very easy. unless he doesn’t have grades williams would be better off coming back one more yr. a lack of a secondary and third scorer hurt again last night. hats off to stoglin. he’s tough and he shoots a good percentage despite some ill advised shots. yes that was mike parker on the floor in the first half. padgett again has trouble making a lay-up. seems the college game is too fast for him at this time.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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