NBA Not on My Mind Says Jordan Williams

Patrick Stevens reports in the Wash Times: Note it’s great that Patrick and the Times have reunited. He is one of the most dedicated journalists I have met:

Maryland forward Jordan Williams said he has not put any consideration into his pro prospects as his sophomore season has wound to a close. Williams, who was named to the all-ACC first team on Monday, is averaging 16.9 points and a league-best 11.6 rebounds. “I’m not even thinking about that,” Williams said. “I’m just trying to focus on this team right now and getting this team better and getting this team to the tournament. That’s the most important thing. I haven’t really put any thought into that.”

My take: Jordan is just not ready for the NBA. To be a complete player especially at the 4 which is where he will land in the bigs, Jordan must have have a face up 10-12 footer.  John Wall is not taking the NBA by storm because he is not solid on the jumper. Many NBA teams would gamble on signing Jordan and sitting with him while he develops. But I lke his chances with the Maestro developing him.

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  1. Ryan


    I think JWill will return next year. If he is truly smart, he will return for all 4 years.
    He would be a lottery pick, probably the #1 Player in the Nation, on a winning team, and maybe even a NCAA Championship.

    ALso, did you listen to Jimmy Patsos on 1057 Wednesday? Apparently, and he can’t say names, MD and Gary are really pushing hard for a local kid. I presume he is talking about Justin Anderson.
    Apparently, his family and he were cheering on MD hard at the VA game.
    I think he could be the best player to every play at MD.
    I surely hope he chooses the Terps, but my gut, and recent history, says he is a tarheel.

    I would feel better if he committs at this next signing period.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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