Nolan Who? Singler’s 29 Takes Down Terps 87-71–Ends The Dream

Empty–that’s the feeling I have now. One would think that eventually in one of these put up or shut up games the Terrapins would hit a hot streak, but not tonight. It seems the game was a microcosm of a losing Terrapin effort. Jordan strong as ever ¬†with 16 points and 16 rebounds but weak at the line 2-10. Dino steady as he has been all year. In order to win we needed that 3 rd component –another scoring effort. In the games Stoglin came through victory became attainable, but last night the Freshman was off his game shooting 2-10 from the field with 5 turnovers.

It’s amazing how ineffective Nolan Smith was against the Terps this year but he was virtually a unanimous pick as ACC Most Valuable Player. I wonder who didn’t vote for him.

So now the Terps await their NIT bid. I hope the team attacks this as an opportunity to grow. I would assume Gary will let his future backcourt get some pt together. All thoughts for the future are on the bright side. with Faust and Gibbs coming in to support the frontcourt and Martin Breunig to replace Dino and help Jordan, I remain very positive.

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  1. freddy from boca

    free throw shooting, turnovers, being out sized, taking bad shots. nothing new for the 2010-11 terps. however this year add poor coaching too often. yes it’s easy to have 20 20 hindsight but gary went with bowie and moseley way too long for way too many minutes this yr. we needed points from moseley and he never got untracked and his past history said he didn’t shoot well. same with bowie. look at the bc games and nova….gary out coached. and last night he gave the ball to stoglin all night and the freshman played a horrible game. the question is why not give the ball to howard who when he played point last night did well. move stoglin the the off guard and take some pressure of him. last night peshon scored, he distributed and got people involved. too many times maryland faced teams which were bigger, more athletic and had more skilled players. you can’t keep recruiting small players who can’t shoot from the perimeter and expect to win just by playing hard. this season was disappointing but the results were not unexpected. and, by the way…the wait til, next year horsecrap is for teams who didn’t play well this year. we didn’t beat one good team all year. looking back over the year briefly…dino grgory showed a lot of improvement. he developed a really nice 10-15 footer…something moseley needs to do. williams improved from his freshman year but still needs work on free throws, passing, finding open spaces in the lane to get the ball and a face up shot. moseley played his usual floor game well but again we needed him to score and he didn’t. bowie was bowie. his game never changed much from the get go. strong driving to his left. poor outside shot and not a very good ball handler. the hawk showed he hustles, is tough and can shoot at times. lacks athleticism and too small to play power forward, his lack of athleticism hurts him playing small forward or shooting guard so at his time it looks like he can be a good role player. peshon showed he can handle the ball and get people involved. his shooting needs to improve. i think he should be the point guard. stoglin is fearless, can get points in a hurry, is terrible on defense but i think he’ll be a big time player in the future as he matures and learns the college game better. parker, our number one recruit showed he is athletic but was overall useless this year. padgett, too me, is too small to play inside against most teams, lacks athleticism and lacks any offense from more than 5 feet. right now i would say whomever recruited him did a poor job of projecting him as a big time college player. weijs gave us basically nothing. overall a tough year for md basketball.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    billy packer on the terps…..”The University of Maryland is, in my estimation, a program that should never be out of the top 25,” Packer said. “Their recruiting base, their tradition, their heritage, their position in the Atlantic Coast Conference. They should have players — and they really don’t have players — of the magnitude to be a top 25 team, year in and year out. That would be something Maryland has to do something about. They’ve got to get better players in order to be the kind of team they’re capable of being.”
    No, he’s not saying “Fire Gary”,

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Kevin

    Get better players, Who is going to recruit them? Gary? If one thing Gary has proven in his career, he nor his coaching staff can attract top talent to Maryland. He got lucky and somehow found four NBA caliber players and won a national championship in 2002, and all you Garylanders give him a pass for ten years. In the past he at least could out coach the opponent which made up for the lack of talent now he does not have that going for him and it shows, the game has passed him by. Nick Faust is the next Sean Mosely a great high school scorer who won’t be able to score against superior athletes that the rest of the ACC has. The kind of ball players Gary cannot not recruit. Time for the Gary Williams era to end.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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