Food For Thought on Melo Trimble Getting Bypassed

One thing we learned last night. Melo Trimble was a probable 1st round pick after his Freshman year. Most Terrapin fans believed if he returned to College Park it would enhance his draft position. The result — after a relatively strong Junior season, he was among many superb Collegiate players bypassed in a mainly meaningless 2nd round of the NBA draft. Many of the players drafted will never even come to the US to attempt to play. Alpha Kaba? 16 FRESHMEN taken in the 1st round—2 Seniors. #1 topic of discussion on the Sports Maven on Saturday.

Melo was a great Terps and his play for Coach Turgeon was stellar and helped to bring Maryland basketball back into the national scene.  Here’s hoping for only great things for Melo. We will be following his career closely.

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  1. Hal Mendelson

    Melo was a more valuable player as a freshman than he was as a sophomore or junior. He became more and more selfish. Other teams knew that he was going to drive to the basket and rarely pass to an open man so they just let him come to them and he either turned the ball over or got his shot blocked. He made some spectacular, acrobatic shots but the mark of a good guard is that he does not have to make the highlight shots because he passes to the open man and makes the players around him better. Again, it goes back to Turgeon, who was a point guard, not coaching him how to play his position. He had several good options to pass off to and did not. The Maryland offense the last two years was very ugly to watch. The best player on the team is Kevin Heurter. Kevin did pass off to the open man and played under control. He is the key to this team and will be able to be much better without Melo. He is the future NBA player on this team. I am sorry that Melo did not live up to his potential but I am happy that he is gone.

    Reply ·   June 23, 2017

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