ALL CAPS on the Washington Capitals

By Wayne Viener –

You can change the players, you can change the coaches, you can change the century – but you can’t change the outcome.

As usual, the Caps are in the process of rendering the regular season irrelevant. They lose as the higher seed, they lose as the lower seed, they just find a way to lose.

In my lifetime the Bullets have won, the Redskins have won, the Orioles have won, the Maryland Basketball squad won, the football team made it to the Orange Bowl (close enough), the Ravens have won. The Caps, nope.

Since they have had their share of stars, getting to Lord Stanely’s cup in 1998 is just not prize enough.

The result is that fans are starting to have had their fill. Playoff tickets are available for $25. In making plans, the Caps playoff games that were must see TV or “break the bank” to get a ticket are now considered a suspicious choice for the evening.

I had the choice for this Sunday’s game of heading to Capital One arena or the Maryland lacrosse game. I picked Terps v Rutgers. Even though the Terps game was moved to 1p, I did not feel like making the trip downtown.

Will the Caps defeat the Blue Jackets? Maybe. Will they get any farther, unlikely. And as the windows starts to close on the Ovehkin era, it is a shame.

Capitals, Wayne Viener
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