Time to Win the Stanley Cup

On the Washington Capitals by Wayne Viener


Can you Win the Cup?

43 Years later, 20 seasons since the last chance and in a city where no team has gotten this close in 2 decades – Can you Win the Cup?

Can you define the Ovie legacy?

One of the greatest of all-time finally gets to a Cup final.  He brings his hall of fame running mate Nicholas Backstrom and some possible future greats (Kuzie, Holtby and we will see if Wilson and Oshie  are all-time fan favorites), but really this is the Ovechkin legacy.

One series away from a career capping (no pun intended) win. 

Can you cement the Barry Trotz legacy?

He has won more games than almost anyone in the business.  But the wins were in Nashville and DC, not NY, Boston, Montreal or other hockey capitals (once again, no pun intended) of the world.  The man with these wins does not even have a contract for next season.  Yet he too is…

One series away from a career capping win.

Can you validate the Ted Leonsis process?

He owns the team, the building and the makeup of the team.  He has been patient and rewarded the players whose names and faces represent the franchise.  Ovie, Backie, Oshie and others are paid very well.  The Capitals are a first rate organization and have a fan base to prove it.

Yet there are those that wondered if Teddy had brought in a tougher coach or forced a change in style, he would have gotten here sooner.  And now Teddy and the gang are…

One series away from cementing your legacy in DC sports (almost the same thing as career capping win).

Can you validate the Fans commitment?

Caps fans have been the butt of many hockey gods jokes.  Too many playoff fold-ups have tried the fans very souls.  And now they can see the promised land from here.  Is it a mirage in the desert or is this finally the year?

You can talk about the players, coaches and ownership all you want, but the only thing that really makes this team (or any team) valuable is the fans.  No fans, no money.  Sure all the paid participants say they would do this for free, but they don’t.

The hockey gods and the entire organization owe the fans a win.  If it happens, then even a fans career can have a happy ending.

One series away from the end of 43 years of frustration.

It all comes down to winning the Cup, I think the Caps can do it.

Capitals, Wayne Viener
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