Team USA’s Road to 14 Might be Insurmountable After Afternoon Thrashing by Euros

Let’s face it —it was downright ugly–Session 2 that is. Eorope had never swept the USA in the alternate shot format. But this was a thrashing, the likes of which any USA team has never received.

I opposed the selection of Lefty from the second it was announced. His game has been too inconsistent for too long. If Furyk selected him because of his meaningless 63 at the Dell Tech Fed Ex Tournament after all the bad rounds he has had, it obviously was a mistake. Look Phil has been a great Ryder Cup team member for years. He deserves to be on a path to one day becoming a Captain. 

Tiger had perhaps his biggest win ever at the Tour Championship in the Atlanta heat and then had to go out in the cold Paris air and play with Patrick Reed. He just wasn’t himself and looked like he was laboring. Tiger should have played in the warmer afternoon. Furyk can’t play Tiger in both sessions on Saturday. I would have chosen the afternoon matches.

Finau and Koepka were fabulous (although a little lucky) defeating Rahm and Justin Rose. Yet they sat in the afternoon. Koepka is the most clutch member of the team, winning 2 GS events this year. Finau has played great all year. 

There is a reason the Euros haven’t lost in 25 years in Europe. They were all familiar with Paris National while the USA team didn’t know the nuances of the course. Home field advantage seems to be much greater in Europe. 

The Fed Ex Cup ends Labor day for the foreseeable future. For the President’s Cup and Ryder Cup, there must be a week off to rest and prepare for the event.

So how can Team USA get to 14. They must do no worse then a 4-4 split on Saturday and then hopefully be able to eke out 7 of 12 points in the singles on Sunday. There is no time for hurt feelings on who plays and who doesn’t. This is about winning. Furyk has to be real careful about his Session 4 selections.

I hope I am wrong, but I just don’t see it happening.

Going to bed now and will wake up at 3:30 to watch Day 2.

By the way the amount of commercials squeezed in almost ruined the coverage.


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