A few days later, here are some of my thoughts on the hiring of Randy Edsall:

1) I think a lot of the anger shown by the fan base towards Kevin Anderson was for the wrong reasons. It seemed that fans were disgruntled because Kevin Anderson “fired Fridge to hire Edsall.” This is not the case. Kevin Anderson fired Fridge because he felt it was the right time for Fridge to go. After the 2009 season, most (if not … Read More »

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Embedded below is the audio from Randy Edsall’s introductory press conference today.  I’ll have some thoughts and analysis on the presser over the next few days, but if you didn’t get to catch the broadcast on TerpsTV, take a listen to the audio below.  The audio cuts out with about 5 minutes left in the press conference as there wasn’t enough space on my recorder (my apologies!).

1-3-11 Edsall Press Conference by joshf823

Maryland Football

Go figure.  As soon as the Capitals learned how to take a lead during the first period, they completely forgot how to play during the second.  It’s funny how the past two games against Buffalo and Atlanta have been the absolute opposite of how this team played during the first 16 games of the year.  All season long, Washington struggled in the first frame and then proceeded to dominate teams during the second.  In Buffalo, they were leading 1-0 after … Read More »


The score of this game should have been 5-1. But thanks to a pair of sloppy errors by Karl Alzner and Tyler Sloan, this game was much closer than it needed to be.  Alzner whiffed on a clear after a faceoff, leading directly to a Brian Boyle goal.  Later, Sloan failed to keep a puck in the offensive zone and Derek Boogaard scored on a break away against Michal Neuvirth.  Two mistakes led to two goals and the Caps found … Read More »


The Capitals are alone at the top of the Eastern Conference, thanks to a 3-2 overtime win last night over the Philadelphia Flyers.  Mike Green slapped in the game-winning goal behind Philly netminder Sergei Bobrovsky just 29 seconds seconds into overtime.  The win completed an impressive three game home stand that included wins over the #2 (Philadelphia) and #5 (Boston) teams in the conference.

I said earlier that this week’s home games were an opportunity for Washington to finally show … Read More »


After a grueling three-game, cross-country roadtrip, the Capitals return home Wednesday night for a game against the Maple Leafs.  And while a 7-2 Saturday night win over Calgary has most Caps fans smiling, I think there needs to be a more serious tone heading into this week’s game.

For the first month of the season, Washington was everything but consistent.  Every time we thought they were turning the corner to be the juggernaut they were during last year’s regular season, … Read More »


Below is the post game interview with Sasho Cirovski after the Terp’s 2-1 loss to the Tar Heels at Fetzer Field in Chapel Hill.  Michael Farfan scored 2 goals for UNC, including an unbelievable shot from 35 yards out just 10 minutes into the game.  The Terps had plenty of offensive chances, including a Matt Kassel shot from point-blank range, that deflected off a defender and then off the post.  It was interesting to watch Cirovski tinker with the offensive … Read More »


The Maryland men’s soccer team notched their first ACC win of the season Saturday at home against NC State.  Jason Herrick scored the first and third goals, while Casey Townsend added the second goal.  Maryland and Zac MacMath would have had a shut-out were it not for a slip-up between Paul Torress and MacMath which led to an empty net shot on goal for the Pack’s Chris Zuerner.

Freshman Patrick Mullins tallied the first two assists of his career.  Mullins … Read More »


Sure, the Terps weren’t perfect today.  There are plenty of questions surrounding this team, especially on offense where the passing game left much to be desired.  But for Maryland fans looking to take something positive away from the game today, look no farther than the Terps defense.

The naysayers are quick to point to 412 rushing yards that the Midshipmen racked up during the game.  While the number of yards is rather high, it is only to be expected when … Read More »

Maryland Football

And the speculation continues.  If LeBron signs with the Knicks, going to New York would be a heckuva  good situation for Greivis.  Who wouldn’t want to be part of the spectacle that will be the Knicks if LeBron does in fact go there?  Overall, it is really hard to get a read on Vasquez’s draft status as of now.  Here’s an article from the NY Daily News.


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