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Washington Post, Washington Times Weigh In on King Corcoran

For those of you who can’t enough of the King here are two lengthy articles on the King from the 2 Washington Dailies.

Washington Post   and the Washington Times Note on page 2 , Tom Laverro refers to the Terp Talk website.King Corcoran Post

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  1. By: dan maloof | On: April 14, 2012

    the king was one of the most cheerful people I ever met. He helped me get the best house I ever owned at a fantastic price. I made a lot of profit when I sold that house. The King lived 2 houses away from me and was a great neighbor. Friendly and generous. He had a lovely wife and 2 nice kids. Many years after I moved away he brought his son to my dental office with a toothache and the King was shaking in fear for his son. He was really nervous. He was so happy when his son came out smiling. The king had a great smile and laugh. He made people laugh and feel happy. I will miss him. Dr. Dan Maloof Baltimore

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