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Tim Tebow Should Not Play Today!!!!!

Shame on you Urban Meyer. You talk like Tim Tebow is your son yet no one would let his son play against LSU if there was a shred of doubt to his recovery from the concussion. Hasn’t Tebow given enough to Gator nation? If you put the health of a great kid like Tebow over the worry of another national title, it would make many lose any respect for you.    Just my opinion!!!!

Urban Meyer
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  1. By: freddy from boca | On: October 10, 2009

    I’m sure Tebow is going to say he’s fine. I’m sure that if Dr. Hackenbush, Florida’s team doctor, clears Tebow, he’ll play. College football is big business and the health of players is secondary to winning. Final score L.S.U. 24 Florida 13

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