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Lane Kiffin Absolutely Ruins Tennessee’s Chance at Upsetting #1 Alabama

Let’s cut to the chase. The Volunteers are down the entire game but with 1 minute left they are trailing 12-10 but driving. They complete a pass at Bama’s 30 yard line with 40 or so seconds. Then unbelievably they run the clock down to 3 seconds and put the entire game in the hands of their field goal kicker who was 0-2 beyond 40 today. The kick was blocked –Bama is still #1. 47 yard field goals are not locks whether it’s Hauschka or a 19 year old for the Volunteers. Enough said.

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  1. By: HuuuuH?? | On: October 25, 2009

    articles like this is why “football’ reporting should be done by licensed professionals. What an idiot. But I guess thats “big” east football. Wow you look stupid….but I guess that is the theme of this “sports” website.

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