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Gilbert Arenas Story is Becoming a Sad Case–Get Him Help Quickly

Something is really wrong here. Gilbert is a strange and quirky guy, who acts to the beat of his own drum. This recent gun-toting behavior seems way out of character for him. I can’t imagine the Wizards gave him a 6 year $111 million dollar contract thinking the incidents of the past few weeks were even possible. I am not sure how it can be handled but this young man needs help and needs it quickly. Forget his performance this year, I can say from my limited interactions with him, Gilbert is basically a friendly, decent guy.

2 Responses to this post.
  1. By: freddy from boca | On: January 2, 2010

    For the Wizards sake they better hope they can find a clause in his contract to drop him without pay.

  2. By: Wizards Fan | On: January 2, 2010

    He needs to go. Period end of story

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