Houston Defenders Take AAU Title—Shaq Cleare and Harrison Twins Stand Out

Now I know why Bino, Turge, G , Calipari, etc have spent so much time in Houston. This is one awesome team. My analysis of the 5 Terrapin targets:

Shaquille Cleare–tremendous mobility for a 6’9 285 lb guy. More then held his own against one of the best defenders in the nation. Has a great sense fo rthe ball inside. Gets up real quick for someone so big. When the ball gets in his hands it’s over. Good inside moves. Will be a force immediately in the ACC> Message to Shaq–COMMIT!!!!!

Harrison Twins—Aaron will never be in anyone’s shadow. Tonight he was the best player on the court. Only player hitting from the outside. Not bashful about shooting. Andrew, who many consider the #1 2013 Recruit is a true field general. These guys are a package and whoever lands them will instantly become final four ready.

Christian Sanders –shooting was a little off but his passing was spot on.Tremendous asset to the team that gets him

Jake Layman–reminds you of Mike Dunleavey, tall lanky but could really drive to the bucket. If he wants to come to Maryland get it done!!!

Turge—Land these 5 guys and a final four will be in your near future


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  1. freddy from boca

    i think if cleare had fouled out in the first 5 min of the game bruce would say..i love cleare’s aggressiveness. the harrison’s were the best players on the floor last night. houston had a 6-6 kid who was very good. cleare was o.k. layman shot poorly, sanders made a real nice pass to cleare but shot poorly. it’s one game. it’s 15-18 yrs playing. overall you certainly like to have cleare, the twins and either sanders or layman come to md and considering the connection with harrison’s father who coached houston and bino ranson it’s possible

    Reply ·   July 28, 2011

  2. Joe

    Nice dunk here by Cleare.


    Reply ·   July 28, 2011

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