The Death of the Big East—The Birth of the First Super Conference–The ACC

Now let’s land UConn and have the most dynamic hoops Conference known to man!!!!!!

Let’s analyze the New ACC in Hoops

Obviously with 16 teams, the probable final number in the league, home and homes could disappear. If 16 were broken into 2 regional groups of 8,  3 teams in your region could be home and home and then 1 each against the other 12 — a total of 18 games in conference. Could a Northern group be UConn, Cuse, BC, Pitt, UVA, Rutgers,Virginia Tech and Maryland?  That would make the South–Duke, Carolina, Clemson, FSU, Wake, NC State, Georgia Tech, and the U.  Utterly awesome. The Duke home and home could collapse. so be it.

One thing that I know will collapse is the perennial ACC Tourney in Carolina. Maybe it would alternate with the Garden. This is Big Time. The ACC Tournament would become huge like it used to be.



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  1. freddy from boca

    more than likely there will be 4 pods with 4 teams each. unlikely the acc would get the use of the garden. more of a st johns “home court’. st johns won’t be in the acc. more than likely they would use the georgia dome and the the dome in st pete more often.

    Reply ·   September 19, 2011

  2. freddy from boca

    the new barclay center in brooklyn could be a possible site for the acc tourney.

    Reply ·   September 19, 2011

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