3 Years Have Passed Since the Death of Terrapin Legend Jim “King” Corcoran

Not a day goes by on terptalk.com without many visits from fans looking for more info on the life of King Corcoran. If you are interested just google King Corcoran and terp talk and most of the articles and comments will come up immediately.

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  1. Jack Dolbin

    Much has been written about Jim, most of it untrue or at least exaggerated. While he was a showman he was also a very nice guy and the best pure passer I ever played with including Charlie Johnson and Craig Morton. He was definitely NFL caliber especially with todays expanded roster. Most of the stories I have read post mortum are both untre and unverified by any eye witness. The last few years of his life were tragic but not to overshadow what a truly nice and generous guy he really was.

    Reply ·   June 27, 2012

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