Despite Rumors To The Contrary, Kevin Anderson Remains the Athletic Director at Maryland

“I am not in discussions nor have I been with Stanford University regarding their open athletic director position as I am committed to being the director of athletics at the University of Maryland.”—Kevin Anderson late Monday afternoon

I think today was a classic roller coaster of thoughts and emotion day. The first inkling I had that something could happen with KA was a few days back when he was elected President of the NCADA. The fact that he could climb such a prestigious ladder so quickly made me think that maybe Stanford would indeed be looking his way. Then this morning someone sent me a link to the Stanford website saying that KA was about to enter his 2nd round of interviews. From that point on we all know what happened, the false report in the SF Chronicle that it was a virtual done deal and then the total denial as seen at the beginning of this blog.

All along I had found it hard to believe that he would leave. Despite being told that Stanford  might just be his “dream job” and most likely would be a big pay hike, I argued with several Terrapin supporters that Anderson seemed to me to be on a mission and I found it hard to believe that he would leave the situation in what would have been in an incomplete manner.

KA is not like Erik Bakich who left solely for the money. I have spent enough time with him to know how devastated he was when the Terrapin teams had to be cut, how determined he is to put Maryland football on the map, and the enormous pride he has displayed with the many successes at College Park.

When all the denials and assurances were published I was relieved. Look,  no one person is bigger then this program. anyone can be replaced. But KA has started this job and his presence in directing Maryland’s rise again will make the result come much quicker.

That’s my take and I’m sticking to it.

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  1. freddy from boca

    anderson is the current v.p. of the of the NCADA so he’s moving up to pres.

    Reply ·   July 17, 2012

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