Insanity Reigns in NY as Knicks Let Jeremy Lin Go For Nothing

Jim Dolan just made one of the dumbest moves of his basketball life, which is saying a mouthful. The owner of the New York Knicks, who has spent years wearing a “Kick Me” sign on his back, just kicked out the Madison Square Garden door a promising 23-year-old point guard, a player who averaged 18 points and eight assists the one time someone in the NBA decided to start him instead of fire him. Jeremy Lin was going places, and now he’s going, going, gone. The Knicks voted him off the island of Manhattan. They voted against matching his $25.1 million offer sheet, the one he signed with the Houston Rockets, and barely thanked the kid for the memories, for making New Yorkers feel good about their basketball team for the first time in forever and, oh yeah, for making that nasty dispute between Cablevision and Time Warner go poof in the night.  from Ian O’Connor of




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  1. freddy from boca

    lin started about 25 games for the knicks. he was great at first playing without stoudemire and carmelo. lin was handling the ball and was the first option to score. when the 2 injured players came back lin’s play suffered. points went down, turnovers went up. then the coaching change and his play suffered more. with this new contract had lin been signed with the knicks ny would have to pay him close to 15 million in the third year and paying him that amount would put the knicks 17 million over the cap so they would have to pay a 17 million dollar luxury cap tax. in otherwords ny would be paying 32 million for lin to play his third yr of the contract in ny. the offense that lin is most effective in, the pick and roll has changed. carmelo is a black hole who won’t allow lin or probably any other point guard do their job the right way. the tax would cripple the knicks because it would be hard to fill out the roster. knicks problem started with acquiring carmelo. now they can’t keep lin because it just doesn’t make any sense.

    Reply ·   July 18, 2012

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